I was completely amazed by how much the two GOP candidates raised in the Primary. Yes campaigns cost money, but those two spent almost $500k on their campaigns combined. Insane! I don’t expect to need a lot and have built a modest campaign budget. But it’s still more than I am willing to fund, so I need your support.

I am always grateful for help and support in my quest to represent the district. Be it time, having a yard sign or, always welcome, a donation, your support is appreciated. My opponent is funded by several out-of-state people and organizations and raised $200,000 for his primary campaign. I do not intend to spend that kind of money and expect to take a more ‘retail’ approach to campaigning. But still, ads, signs and just the fuel to drive around this massive district gets expensive. I am using ActBlue as my online fund raising partner. Scan the QR code with your phone or click on the link on your computer and you will be taken to my fund raising page.